Until next time...

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our entire community for the incredible support shown to our program this summer! With the participation of 200 students, we had an absolute blast exploring the world of musical theatre together. Your enthusiasm and dedication made this experience truly memorable.
As we reflect on the fantastic moments we shared, we eagerly anticipate the upcoming summer. We can't wait to welcome each and every one of you back to sing, dance, and act with us once more. Let's create another season filled with joy, growth, and artistic expression. Until then, stay inspired and keep the love for performing arts alive! See you next summer!


Week-long musical theater days camps are offered during the summer months for students ages 4-18. Camps are designed to create a hands-on theater experience, and are focused on building performance skills, self-confidence, and teamwork.

Typical camps include team competitions, rotations through drama, dance, music, and craft workshops, a daily theme-related devotional, and an impressive concluding showcase for family and friends.

There’s no better place for kids to learn about theater and have fun than in CYT’s positive and encouraging atmosphere - and every camper gets the opportunity to perform on stage!


At the end of camp, students perform in a showcase that they have rehearsed for over the course of their fun-filled week. Parents get to come watch their kids perform the material they have learned in just a short week free of charge! Showcase is a celebration of the week’s work and give kids a glimpse into the energy and excitement of being part of a full CYT production.

Camp Themes

Each week of camp features an original & creative theme, and the concluding Showcase is centered around it! Themes vary from year to year and change depending on age group.