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Why Support CYT?

Christian Youth Theater is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization (TIN #82-1660541).  Since revenue from ticket sales and class tuition is not enough to cover operating costs, every dollar you contribute assures that CYT can continue to deliver top-notch affordable program and achieve its goals in develop character in children one stage at a time.

As the leader of the Empowering Autism Support Group, I have nothing but great things to say about the people at CYT - Lake Charles. My son, Tristan, is thriving because of them and after just one session he has lifelong friends that support everything he does and wants to become. Not only for the acceptance and inclusion they have shown Tristan but for also asking all the right questions and treating him as a completely equal member of the team. You would be amazed at the amount of times that does not happen in some places. It's nice to see it here.

Jeff Wainwright, Parent CYT-Lake Charles

"Standing O" Club

The CYT Standing “O” Club is part of our commitment to excellence and provides support that CYT can count on! Members of the “Standing O” Club are people or businesses who support CYT with a monthly or special monetary gift. That support is vital to the financial health of CYT and helps us continue to provide training in the arts in an atmosphere of excellence.

Donor Benefits

CYT relies on the donations of patrons so we can provide quality theater education across the country. According to “The Value and Quality of Arts Education: A Statement of Principles”, students who participate in the arts do better in school, stay in school longer, and win more academic awards. They are also three times more likely to go to college and become more confident, considerate, pro-social and pro-civic citizens! Your generous donation ensures that our students are given these benefits, so that they can go on to build a stronger world for future generations.


CYT aims to give access to theater arts for all kids regardless of financial situation. As such CYT makes scholarships available to families in need. Scholarships are available for up to half of one class tuition. Your donations help give kids who wouldn’t otherwise have the chance  an opportunity to participate in our programs.