Info Hub: Everything a Show Parent (& Student) Needs - All in One Place!

This is your "one stop shop" for all information and forms related to the show and other CYT Program info: everything from the audition process ... to parent production teams... to the cast party.

(If you are looking for information and forms related to CYT Classes, please go to the Classes web page.)

First Time Families

Is this your first show? Here's a quick timeline-based overview of what to expect (for both students and parents):

 1. Classes - you need to sign up in order to be in a show
 2. Auditions - you need to sign up to get an audition time. This can be done on your family account.
 3. Callbacks - you may or may not get called back for more auditioning
 4.  Show fair - cast receive scripts, have headshots taken, and parents attend informational meeting 
 5.  Rehearsals - 2 nights per week 
 7. Parent Production Teams - Parents must volunteer 20 hours before the show & 3 nights during show week. NOTE: For the safety of your children, we require all Parent Production Team volunteers to take a 30 minute (online) Child Safety Training class and to give consent to have a background check completed.
 8. 2nd Parent Meeting - Get all of the info needed before heading into tech week 
 9. Performances - there are 6 performances - all during one week
10. Strike - after last show, everybody cleans up. 
11. Cast Party - when the show recording is complete all cast and crew celebrate together - lots of fun!

Rinse and Repeat
We want to ensure that CYT Lake Charles is a safe and secure place for all involved. All CYT Lake Charles volunteers are required to complete a background check and child abuse protection training. Click the link below to register for your training.